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"Prospect Avenue" is my new solo album, finished after 2 years of studio work, and ready for international release. These are my stories of teaching, learning and evolving in new millennium Brooklyn: an homage to New York City offered in a time of distress, a love letter laced with co-dependence, a tribute to social and civil servants, a prayer for students and teachers. It is written from the hallways of our public schools, from the stages of shuttered venues, from the expanses of bridges traversed on bicycle, from the bandstand and the cypher. From the front stoop of the house on 18th st, where Iʼve resided for 13 years, Iʼve documented the city changing while growing within itʼs confines; journeying to touch distant points on the globe, always returning, culminating with a ride on the R train to Prospect Avenue."

*For a short time, order a CD and receive a copy of the limited edition Illustrated Lyric Book:
"Only 10 of 40 limited edition lyric books remaining. Complete lyrics to "Prospect Avenue" with illustrations done by my grandmother, Sylvia Lutwack, in 1938, originally appearing in a hand-written/drawn book of poems titled "City Signs." The poems in her book have been replaced with the song lyrics, and the images re-arranged to best match accompanying songs."